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  • Thermodynamic Steam Trap Repairs

  • Thermodynamic Steam Trap RepairsThermodynamic Steam Traps (also called Thermokinetic Traps) work with only one moving part - a stainless steel disc that cycles based on the pressure and velocity of steam or condensate. Over time, the disc eventually wears out and requires replacement for the steam trap to continue to work properly.

    Keystone Steam Supplies offers replacement discs for most Thermodynamic Traps manufactured by:

    • Armstrong
    • Barnes & Jones
    • Dunham Bush
    • Edison
    • Erwel
    • Hoffman
    • Spirax Sarco
    • Watson McDaniel
    • Yarway
    • Plus many others not listed here.

    Other repair parts available upon request:

    • Replacement covers
    • Cover and disc kits
    • Replacement screens

    Keystone Steam Supplies is here to help you with your Thermodynamic Steam Trap Repairs.