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  • Strainers

  • StrainersStrainers come in several different styles and materials with multiple screen filtering options based on the requirements of the user.

    basket strainer is a design where the strainer is shaped like a basket and usually installed in a vertical cylinder. The basket strainer is easy to clean, since debris is captured in the basket. (For anyone familiar with swimming pools, this is the style of filter that is on the circulation pump and on the surface skimmer.)

    “Y” Strainers are named after their design. You can often find them within pressurized lines (such as gas or liquid), however they may also appear in suction or vacuum environments. The most common usage for a “Y” Strainer is an application where the clean-out process is infrequent and smaller amounts of solid particulate are found. If solids flush easily from the screen, and fluid can be exhausted to the atmosphere then attaching a blow-down valve onto the drain port will allow a clean-out to easily take place without having to remove the screen, and therefore, without having to interrupt the process flow. 

  • Available Strainers

  • 250#, Threaded, Cast Iron, "Y" Strainer with 20 mesh, 304 SS Screen, with Plug.

  • Size Part Number
    1/4" STR-250YTIG-025
    3/8" STR-250YTIG-0375
    1/2" STR-250YTIG-050
    3/4" STR-250YTIG-075
    1" STR-250YTIG-100
    1-1/4" STR-250YTIG-125
    1-1/2" STR-250YTIG-150
    2" STR-250YTIG-200
    2-1/2" STR-250YTIG-250
    3" STR-250YTIG-300
  • Screens other than 20 mesh are available at an additional cost.

    125#, Flanged, Ductile Iron, "Y" Strainer with 304 SS Screens.

  • Size Screen Perforation Part Number
    2" 3/64" STR-125YFD-200
    2-1/2" 3/64" STR-125YFD-250
    3" 3/64" STR-125YFD-300
    4" 1/8" STR-125YFD-400
    5" 1/8" STR-125YFD-500
    6" 1/8" STR-125YFD-600
    8" 1/8" STR-125YFD-800
    10" 1/8" STR-125YFD-1000
    12" 1/8" STR-125YFD-1200
    14" 1/8" STR-125YFD-1400
    16" 1/8" STR-125YFD-1600
  • Screens with perforations other than standard are available at an additional cost.


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