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  • HVAC Humour

  • Here at Keystone we're here to work hard for you and help you find what you need... and we love to have fun while we do it. We've developed a brief list of some steam trap, valve and HVAC humour to make everyone's day go by just a little bit faster. 

    The question is... what would the personality be for each type of steam trap and valve?

  • Steam Traps

    • Radiator Trap: Bellows all the time to anyone who will listen
    • Thermodynamic Trap: Doesn't move much. Always on his Disc Man
    • Float & Thermostatic Trap: Floats around until he dumps a big load
    • Inverted Bucket Trap: Nobody knows what he's doing until he kicks the bucket
    • Bimetallic Trap: Complains that he's "too metal" for this place


    • Pressure Regulating Valve: Wants everyone to calm down, damn it!
    • Safety Relief Valve: Can't handle the pressure
    • Vacuum Breaker: Generally sucks
    • Gate Valve: Drives a wedge between people
    • Globe Valve: Thinks the whole world revolves around him
    • Check Valve: Only lets things happen his way

    Other HVAC

    • Strainer: Collects a bunch of junk
    • Float Switch: Keeps things on the level
    • Air Vent: Full of hot air
    • Ball Valve: Feels really isolated