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  • Heat Exchangers & Tube Bundles

  • Heat ExchangersHeat Exchangers come in many different types and styles the most common of which are ‘Shell & Tube’ and Plate (Brazed and Gasketed).  All styles do the same job – exchanging heat from one area to another…whether is from steam-to-liquid or liquid-to-liquid.  Whichever type it is, two elements are at work to shorten the lifespan of the heat exchanger – corrosion and erosion.  Corrosion is the wearing away of metals due to a chemical reaction (e.g. chemicals used in water treatment reacting with elements of the heat exchanger).  Erosion is the recession of surfaces by repeated localized mechanical trauma as, for example, by suspended abrasive particles within a moving fluid (e.g. calcium carbonate dislodged by chemical treatment impinging on plates or tubes).

    Eventually, there will be a rupture somewhere within the heat exchanger – whether through the tubes in a ‘Tube & Shell’ or in the plates, gaskets, or brazing in the ‘Plate’ style. (Seldom does the shell in the ‘Tube & Shell’ style require attention.)

    When this happens, there is cross-contamination between the chemically-treated ‘source’ media and the receiving media.  This is when a choice has to be made…do you replace the existing unit with a duplicate new unit, or do you repair the existing unit?

  • Keystone Steam Supplies has been supplying replacement tube bundles for over twenty years.  We can assist you with your RTB.  Tubes are available in Copper and Stainless Steel (both 304 and 316) while the tube sheet is available in Carbon Steel, Brass, or Stainless Steel (both 304 and 316).  A set of inner and outer gaskets accompanies each RTB. All tube bundles come with  the CRN stamped into the tube sheet.  Please use the information request sheet and fill  in as many of the blanks as possible and remit back to us by either email or fax.  Provided that sufficient information has been submitted, we will respond quickly with a price and delivery.

  • Features:

    • Tube & Shell or Plate heat exchanger for steam or liquid use, sized to system needs
    • Different manufacturers, materials, and styles available
    • Custom manufactured tube bundles to exactly match the existing unit
    • OEM tube bundles also available


    • Heating of process liquids for commercial or industrial use
    • Food processing and potable water
    • Swimming pools and other recreational use
  • Keystone Steam Supplies is here to help you get the Heat Exchangers & Tube Bundles you need.