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  • Gaskets

  • GasketsWhether it is air, steam, water or some other fluid that being moved, maintaining proper seals between and within parts of a system is important for function, efficiency, and safety.

    Pressure-bearing equipment of all kinds relies on good seals to function properly – which is why you find gaskets in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials. Some steam traps have replaceable gaskets that allow them to function properly under various working temperature and pressure loads. Valves have seals and packing that permit them to control flow under different conditions. Flanges have gaskets between them to ensure a tight seal between piping and equipment. 

    Leaks within equipment or between pipe connections make for energy, pressure and fluid losses which have to be made up for, driving up costs. Leaks can be dangerous to workers and to the public, whether as a slip and fall hazard or as exposure to fluids subject to any combination of temperature, pressure or toxicity.


    Keystone Steam Supplies stocks a wide variety of formed gaskets for the following Steam Trap Manufacturers:

    • Armstrong
    • Barnes & Jones
    • Dunham Bush (including cover gaskets for ‘30-‘ Series of traps)
    • Edison
    • Hoffman
    • MEPCO
    • Spirax Sarco (including cover gaskets for ‘FTL-FTP-FTR’ Series of traps)
    • Trane Steam Traps (including cover gaskets for ‘A’, ‘C’, & ‘H’ Series of traps)
    • Watson McDaniel
  • We also stock gaskets for the following:

    • McDonnell & Miller Boiler Controls
    • Neptune (Filterite) Chemical By-Pass Feeders
    • Pall LMO Filter Housings
    • Topogee Handhole and Manhole Gaskets
    • Ring, full face and spiral wound gaskets for 150# and 300# ANSI flanges
    • Tailpiece gaskets for valves
    • Handhole gaskets for boilers
    • Sheet gasket material and custom gaskets are also available in a variety of materials
  • Applications:

    • Repairing equipment such as steam traps, valves, heat exchangers, filters, etc.
    • Replacement after boiler and system inspections
    • Joining flanged sections of pipe

    Keystone Steam Supplies is here to help you get the Gaskets you need.