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  • Float & Thermostatic Steam Trap Repairs

  • Float & Thermostatic Steam Trap Repairs

    Similar to other types of steam traps, a Float & Thermostatic (F&T) repair is an easier and more cost-effective solution than replacing the entire trap in the line. Most of the time, the body is fine and it’s only one of the interior parts that is faulty.

    We carry Float & Thermostatic head assemblies that can repair most, if not all makes and models of steam traps, up to 125 PSI. Which brands? We offer repair parts for (to name a few): 

    Some trap models are not suitable for Head Assemblies (as when the inlet and/or outlet are located in the cover of the trap).  For these traps we offer repair kits which include all of the required parts (Thermostatic Air Vent, Valve Mechanism Assembly, Stainless Steel Float, and Cover Gasket) shipped loose for on-site repair.

    In fact, we carry repair parts not only for current makes and models of steam traps, but in many cases for obsolete traps as well. Contact us to inquire about the float & thermostatic steam trap repairs that you need. 

  • Features

  • A stainless steel valve plug
    • A brass or stainless steel seat
    • A stainless steel corrosion resistant float
    • One piece thermostatic Cage Unit for air removal. Calibrated for uniform operation.
    • A Water-sealed, float-operated valve for immediate discharge of condensate
    • Many kits include a complete head assembly (Identified as HA in the Repair Kit Link)
    • No reduction in original trap’s capacity.

    Repairing your existing float & thermostatic steam trap with a Head Assembly is easy. Simply unbolt and remove the old cover (with all of the attached elements) and then replace it with the new one (including the gasket). Once that’s done, bolt the new head back onto the trap. 

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    Product Specs

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