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  • Flexible Pump Connectors

  • Flexible Pump ConnectorsThese metal connectors can be ordered in standard or custom lengths. The flexible portion is corrugated stainless steel with a stainless steel braid, and the fittings are carbon or stainless steel.

    The braided connectors cannot compress or extend, and therefore do not compensate for most thermal expansions.  The most popular end fittings are carbon steel flanges and male thread ends on small diameters, but grooved ends and others are available. A floating flange on one end can help with installation on long connectors.  No control units or tie rods are needed with these connectors because the braiding prevents thrust loads from being transferred to nozzles and anchors.


    • Threaded, grooved, or flanged connections.
    • Threaded models come in in pipe sizes of ½ inch up to 4 inches.
    • Flanged models come in pipe sizes of 2 inches up to 14 inches.
    • Reduces noise transfer.
    • Rated for air, water and steam use.


    • Compensating for misaligned pipe connections or non-expansion pipe movements.
    • Reducing noise or vibration transfer within a system.
    • Cushioning water hammer.

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