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  • Coils

  • CoilsCoils are heat-transfer devices – whether they use steam or hot water as a media to transfer heat to an air stream; or whether they use cold water to transfer coolness to an air stream.

    Whether they incorporate copper, steel or aluminum tubing.  Whether they use aluminum or steel fins.  Whether they are fluted or spiral wound.  Whether they are non-freeze style (steam only) or not.  They are all heat-transfer devices.

    And eventually, they will corrode or erode and need to be replaced.  As a rule, like should be replaced by like.  If your existing coil uses copper tubing, the replacement coil should use copper tubing.

    Coils come in a variety of sizes, configurations and materials for a variety of uses and with different media within the tubes.  We can supply you with a replacement coil to fit within the existing space your current coil occupies…provided that we have sufficient information.

  • How to Request Your Replacement Coil

  • Requesting replacement coils is a simple, streamlined process with Keystone Steam Supplies. In order to help guide you as efficiently as possible throughout the process, please follow the steps listed below.

  • Step 1:

  • Identify the type of coil you have that needs to be replaced. Is it a hot water coil, a steam coil, a glycol mixture coil, a non-freeze coil or a cooling coil?

  • Step 3:

  • Contact Keystone Steam Supplies and either email or fax us (416-900-0905) your completed worksheet. If you're having any issues getting measurements, feel free to call us at 905-361-0270 for help. If you are located in or around the GTA, a Keystone representative can come visit your location to collect the coil measurements for you.

  • The worksheets are provided to make it easier to communicate your requirements to us when you are looking for a quotation on a coil. Please provide us with as much information as possible on the coil you are replacing. Digital photos will also help to determine your requirements.

    The key details at the quoting stage are:

    • Finned length, height, and width of coil
    • Frame outside dimensions (length, height, width)
    • Fins per inch
    • Diameter of tubes
    • Rows & Columns of tubes (rows x columns = total tubes in coil face)
    • Header diameter
    • Size and type of header connections
    • Same or opposite end connections
    • Dimensions which will locate the piping connections
    • Vertical or horizontal air flow (orientation of the coil)
    • ‘Handing’ of the coil (are the connections on the right or left hand side when facing the coil with the air blowing into your face?)

    Keystone Steam Supplies is here to help you obtain your custom built replacement coils.