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  • Chemical Pot Feeders

  • Chemical Pot FeedersBy-Pass Feeders are used to prolong the life of heating and  cooling systems by introducing treatment chemicals into the closed circulating water system. These By-Pass Feeders can also be equipped with a filter bag kit so it can be used as a side stream filter for system cleanup.

    All By-Pass Feeders Features:

    • Carbon Steel Construction of the tank shell and head
    • 4” Diameter, Coarse-Threaded, Cast Iron Cap with Buna N gasket (Underside of cap is epoxy-coated for increased corrosion-resistance)
    • Suitable for  working pressures up to 300 psi at 200 ° Fahrenheit
    • ¾” FNPT threaded fittings for water connection


    • Adding treatment chemicals into a closed loop system - whether it’s water for steam generation or heating or cooling fluids
    • Cleanup and monitoring of a heating or cooling system


    • Vertical Style with Concave Dish Bottom (sits on floor) available in 2, 5, 10 and 12 gallon sizes with (2) ¾” FNPT water fittings.  The 2 and 5 gallon sizes are also available with (4) ¾” FNPT water fittings.
    • Vertical Style with Convex Dish Bottom (on three raised legs) available in 2, 5 and 10 gallon sizes with (2) ¾” FNPT water fittings plus a ¾” bottom drain connection.
    • Filter bag kits are available - typically in 30 micron perforations
  • Available By-Pass Feeders

  • Neptune By-Pass Feeders

  • Capacity Description Model Part No.
    2 Gallon On Floor - 2 Fittings VTF-2HP CF-NEP-VTF-2HP
    5 Gallon On Floor - 2 Fittings VTF-5HP CF-NEP-VTF-5HP
    10 Gallon On Floor - 2 Fittings VTF-10HP CF-NEP-VTF-10HP
    12 Gallon On Floor - 2 Fittings VTF-12HP CF-NEP-VTF-12HP
    2 Gallon On Floor - 4 Fittings VTF-2X4HP CF-NEP-VTF-2X4HP
    5 Gallon On Floor - 2 Fittings VTF-5X4HP CF-NEP-VTF-5X4HP
    2 Gallon Raised - 2 Fittings DBF-2HP CF-NEP-DBF-2HP
    5 Gallon On Floor - 2 Fittings DBF-5HP CF-NEP-DBF-5HP
  • Filters are also available.

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